Blank Studios

Established in 2008, as a partnership between four engineer/producers (Sam Grant, Chris McManus, John Martindale and Doug Redfern) Blank Studios was seen as an opportunity to further the growth of knowledge, and provisions of creativity, by working as a team under one roof.

Located in Newcastle’s creative hub, the Ouseburn, the collective have developed a studio facility specifically aimed at nurturing a mood for creativity and sound exploration. 

Blank Studios provides audio recording, production and post production for musicians, artists, film, television and radio. But with the experience, technical knowledge, and creative thinking available through Blank Studios, a broad range of the more unusual audio specific projects can also be approached.


Blank Sessions

Set up in 2012 Blank Studios began a filmed series called the Blank Sessions. Available to stream online, these are performances from great artists that the Blank engineers think should be documented for all to see. Shot in the studio they aim to sound as good as any studio session, and offer the visuals to match.

You can watch the sessions here:


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